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Cartel Coffee Lab announces release of kegged Cold Brew iced coffee

May 3, 2014
cartel coffee lab

Just ahead of triple-digit summer temperatures, Cartel Coffee Lab announced that its most popular product –– Cold Brew iced coffee –– will now be produced and distributed on a larger scale, with kegging of the coffee currently underway.

The popular coffee roaster based in Tempeʼs Maple-Ash neighborhood, at University Drive and Ash Avenue, soon plans to carry its Cold Brew on tap at each of its six cafe spaces, which are located in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sky Harbor International Airport, and at the aforementioned roastery space in Tempe.

The product is also set to be readily available to Cartelʼs wholesale coffee customers, which include St. Francis, Phoenix Public Market, Chestnut Fine Foods and Provisions, Sip Coffee and Beer House, and Shine Coffee, among others.

“We are excited for the opportunity to more widely distribute such a refreshing –– and caffeinating –– product just before summer,” Cartel Breweryʼs Dylan DeMiguel said Tuesday. “Cold Brew is a delicious product and a no-brainer for bars and restaurants with morning service and beer line drafts. It could serve as a nice ʻpick-me-upʼ for late night bar patrons.”

A Cold Brew keg is fit to run on any beer line draft system equipped with nitrogen gas. A lead time of 24-48 hours is needed prior to delivery of kegged Cold Brew.

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