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Jordan-Alexander Thomas: Space Boy Robot

March 12, 2014
space boy robot
Artist Jordan-Alexander Thomas knows robots. Known for his quirky sculptures created using whimsically ordinary mediums, Thomas reminds art fanatics the most extraordinary pieces aren’t always traditional.
Having grown up around artists, Thomas’ passion for the arts bloomed at a young age. In 2006, his love for both Science Fiction and unique constructions collided.While digging through his mother’s garage he stumbled upon a treasure trove. His discovery of craft boxes idly shoved aside filled with unique hardware and other nostalgic trinkets inspired him to reinvent the otherwise forgotten items.”She had a bunch of fun, odd things. I thought I could use them to make a robot,” he says. “So I began to glue wood boxes and metal pieces together.”

For him, the process begins with constructing the robots from blocks. He then assembles parts of old model cars gears, and other childhood relics.

“I see scrap metal on the street, I pick it up and put it in my pocket.”

What began as a pastime has grown into an up-cycling lifestyle. His Sci-Fi-meets-Steampunk approach shows true originality in his undoubtfully adorable robots.

Art has always been in the forefront of his life. It wasn’t until 2006 did he begin to cultivate his own original talent. Since then he has created hundreds of pieces, including a 25-inch robot for a past gallery–and his ambitions continue to grow.

His overarching popularity began after his first solo gallery last November. During the first night he was able to sell the majority of his pieces. The initial success encouraged him that robots are truly his “thing.”


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