LAYERS Invades Shade Gallery at the monOrchid

May 13, 2015

Shade Projects presents LAYERS showcasing two local and talented stencil artists, DadSocks and Scott Wolf in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid this June. These local artists are both creating colorful,  graphic and bold works centering around the stencil, connected through their love for it, the process of creating, and expressing  their unique voices.

Being  stencil artists involves the fascinating method of layering different layers and shades of spray paint and acrylic with hand cut or laser cut stencils. LAYERS offers a dynamic pairing of artists featuring a contemporary and engaging selection of artwork with diverse styles, unusual subjects, with a fresh perspective that takes away the mundane or cliché that are sure to entertain, says Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

Scott Wolf an Arizona native, creates a wide variety of work including paintings, prints, stickers, and vinyl that favor a pop aesthetic that utilizes bold lines and a vibrant color palette. Graphic design and clipart imagery are fused and deconstructed resulting in striking paintings that are ambiguous in nature, while revealing a mix of solid and concrete visuals with an amorphous storyline that is pure entertainment to the eye.

DadSocks, a transplant from New Jersey, initially discovered his love for stencil art while watching street artists create murals in New York. He creates work that is fused with hip hop culture and social justice, resulting in captivating portraits and murals that are highlighted by a variety of imagery including animals and celebrities. He utilizes bold color palettes, interesting patterns and design  juxtaposed by strong graphic lines.

The Opening Reception will be held on First Friday, June 5th from 6-10pm with the artist in attendance. The Closing Reception will be held Third Friday, June 19th from 7-10pm featuring an intimate evening with the artists, amazing artwork, wine and more. LAYERS will be on display in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid from June 5 until June 25, 2015.

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