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Phoenix’s very own cat woman explores the depths of feline environmental enhancement

February 5, 2014
haus panther phoenix

Phoenix resident, Kate Benjamin has one of the best jobs in the world. What is it, you ask? Well, she writes about and makes things for cats all day.

But her feline driven business didn’t just happen overnight.

“It all started about seven years ago, when I was in the hunt for some stylish toys and accessories for my own cats but wasn’t having any luck,” says Benjamin. “So, I decided to create an online resource,, for other cat lovers like myself to find products that make their homes feline friendly.”

The next thing she knew, became the go-to source for anything and all things cats and Benjamin created a booming business and became the queen of “catification.”

“Readers posted fan mail and I would receive various design samples from advertisers that I would then write about or feature on my site,” says Benjamin. “As advertisers grew, I decided to quit my day job, and devote all my time to”

And she did.

In 2009, just a couple years after starting, Benjamin’s popularity had grown so much she was able to launch her own line of handmade cat products, crafted locally, under the name Moderncat Studio.

“Many of the various beds and scratchers out there are so ugly and people don’t want them in their home,” says Benjamin. “My products are unique and go very well inside a home without compromising a person’s design atheistic.”

With business booming, Benjamin thought it was time to bring her blog and line of cat products together in 2013 by re-branding her Moderncat blog as Hauspanther, an online magazine for design-conscious cat people and product shop.


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