Tea Inspired by Coffee

August 9, 2015

Teaspressa is a new concept featuring robust tea made into gourmet coffee beverages. Teaspressa combines the best qualities of the coffee and tea industry by offering consumers a luxurious and healthy alternative to coffee and traditional tea. Using a proprietary method, Teaspressa merges the consistency and caffeine content of coffee with the flavors and health benefits favored in tea. The signature blends created by CEO and founder Allison DeVane carry similar richness as espresso-based drinks making it completely different from traditionally brewed tea.

“Many people are very set in their ways about coffee, not willing to stray from the classic,” says Allison DeVane, CEO and founder of Teaspressa.

“It is important to break the barrier for customers by educating them on the health benefits and rich flavor tea has to offer. Teaspressa is able to achieve this via handcrafted beverages and blends that deliver antioxidants, energy and flavor.”

The combination of having sought qualities of the tea and coffee industry allows Teaspressa a larger audience than simply just a coffee or tea enthusiast. Teaspressa’s market interests include healthy living, self-improvement, worldly travels, gourmet espresso preparations, gourmet quality tea, and an interest in finding an actual equivalent alternative to gourmet coffee/espresso without forfeiting robust texture and caffeine. The tea industry is projected to grow 5% over the next several years, which is a huge advantage for Teaspressa as they off a new and innovative tea product. The Teaspressa process is patent pending, trademark protected, as well as undergoing several more developments of new technology for both multi billion dollar coffee and tea industries.

Teaspressa will soon sell their handcrafted tea blends and merchandise online at and at select locations throughout the valley. Visit their storefront location at the DeSoto Central Market or their pop up locations at Phoenix, Arizona pop-up shops, corporate offices, festivals, and private parties.

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