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What’s “Rotting the Barrel”

October 19, 2013

Taking a closer look at the disconnect between capitalism and patriotism, “Rotting the Barrel” aims to go beyond images and get people talking! Opening for Third Friday, October 18th in Bokeh Gallery at the MonOrchid. A multimedia group exhibition featuring works from 8 artists: Jeff Davis, Zabet Pucket, Angel Cabrales, Wayne Rainey, Teresa Dendy, Fred Tieken, Craig Cheply, and Larry Willis. Justin Germain, Director of the monOrchid asked artists to create work based on research and their opinions about the current headlines regarding Apple saying “explore ideas of fiscal patriotism, tax loopholes for big business, and the relationships between consumerism and international policy”. The combination of mediums and images are captivating and engages the viewer to take a closer examination of the works. The viewer is able to clearly sense a strong discontent and concern for what is happening in business, government and our society today.

Entering Bokeh Gallery the viewer is struck by the captivating painting by Larry Willis titled “The Illusion of Liberty” depicting the classical female figure of “Liberty”, drones flying through the foreground and the prominently placed word “Yes” boldly painted across the middle. This painting is juxtaposed by Jeff Davis grid-like maze of 32 unique digital c-prints titled “Portfolio 5, 2013“ although it is not overtly political in appearance his work depends on Apple programs to create his work and as an artist it is important that Apple is ethical in its business. California based artist Zabet Pucket has created a riveting and emotional artwork incorporating oil paint and digitally collaged images depicting our capitalistic society being ravaged by terrorism and destroyed titled “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel”. Also there are two incredibly intriguing his and hers DIY Hazmat Suits titled: “DIY HAZMAT Presents: Duct and Cover” created by Angel Cabrales. These suits are innovative since they are created from everyday materials, ironic and disturbing considering it is a Hazmat suit and the purpose of it, and rather humorous since typical DIY refer to crafts or other frivolous things.

“Rotting the Barrel” is an excellent exhibition with a variety of artwork to explore, ideas to considers, and imagery to examine. “We set out to begin a discussion and encourage people to look beyond the surface of capitalism and into social issues that actually affect their daily lives” stated Director Germain. “Rotting the Barrel” is a thought provoking and emotional exhibition that successfully tackled the intense topics of politics and capitalism leaving the viewer to reflect upon the current state of things. Make sure you stop by the MonOrchid to see this incredible exhibition running until November 30th.

The MonOrchid:

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